How I Clear Mental Clutter by Creating Space for Solitude

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I felt a stone lighter!

How could this be possible? In the current Covid19 world of anxiety, uncertainty, and restraints on our personal freedom, how could I feel lighter?

Lack of exercise, increased access to the fridge, and a pretty non-existent list of social events has perhaps induced a laissez-faire attitude towards self-discipline in general…

How to stimulate your storytelling muscle

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But I don’t even know what a skunk smells like?

How do you tap into your creativity? Whether we are embarking on a new project, or we are seasoned in our craft, we can often get into a pit of ‘stuckness’. We believe we have lost our words and think…

Fiction Friday

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He is the sun, and so he basks in the warmth of his own radiance. He is not blinded but he blinds and the world colours and blushes from his gaze.

Now, lulled by a dwindling dawn chorus in the early warmth, the morning coaxes his eyes open. Are they…

I inhale life and exhale stories — Change your story with me

How midlife is a transition that promises a new beginning

Courtesy of Teresa Renton (Author)

‘Crone’ tells us that a crone is a ‘withered, witchlike old woman.’ We learn that the origin of the word is from 1350–1400 Middle Dutch croonie meaning old ewe and before that, Old North French caronie which is carrion, otherwise: dead and putrefying flesh.

The Cambridge Dictionary online reinforces the…

A gentle story of discovery

Courtesy of Teresa Renton (Author)

It perched on the mantelpiece, aloof, self-assured, and provocative. A seemingly harmless rectangle of card bearing its messages in sophisticated font and branding colours. Yet I felt the thud of my heart dropping to the floor each time I glanced in its direction. …

Old, past it, why bother now, too late, mutton dressed as lamb, put some clothes on - all of these and more are damaging to women. They are damaging to men too when they take on those macho roles from society's template. This is a recurring conversation and a culture…

This is for frustrated writers who are clapped-out and confused

Courtesy of Teresa Renton (Author)

Going viral is the writer’s dream, isn’t it? I remember preparing the bragbook post to inform other members of my community that I had made it and should they require any advice, I was their guru.

So what caused this excitement you ask? How did I do it and what…

A whimsical reflection on navigating midlife

Courtesy of Teresa Renton (Author)

That’s it. You’ve reached midlife, and who knows when that began exactly? The logical conclusion would be that you know yourself, found yourself, and got your sh&t together. What a neat little package that would be indeed.

Here’s the thing; whether or not you have lived a neat life of…

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